What we do

The art of wall painting is as old as mankind! We continue this tradition!

The expression "wall painting" includes many different styles. Thus, in wall painting we differentiate between illusionistic painting, decorative wall painting, monochrome wall painting, Lüftl-painting as well as a type of wall painting which presents itself as an expression of the contemporary taste or of the individual personality of the artist.

In today's wall painting, illusionistic painting takes one of the main positions.

As a means to decorate a room, illusionistic painting allows for an expansion of space of a very special kind. The illusionistic painting - also called Trompe-l'oeil-painting - opens closed rooms by claiming a continuous architecture and landscape. This type of painting succeeds - because of an outstanding painting technique - in showing the viewer another world which appears to be real, but which is painted. But also wall paintings with an abstracting or surrealistic design can be fascinating as a decorative feature in a room.

Thus, phantasy landscapes, but also colour structures, floral or geometric patterns as well as wipe and putty techniques can have quite an impressive effect in wall painting. For more than ten years now we consider it our task to develop new, impressive room decorations time and time again. Besides wall painting, our objective is the overall conception of a room. An elaborately designed wall painting will best show it's beauty in a room in which all components harmonize with each other. Therefore we are always pleased to act as advisers with regard to floor, wall and ceiling decoration, furniture and decorative objects as well as acoustic and light design, or else to take over the responsibility for the entire interior design.

The shown designs and implementations are wall paintings in swimming pools, sauna areas, living rooms and bedrooms as well as public rooms. All works are individual pieces of art and thus unique.

Our gallery shows several examples of such interacting.

Before you visit our gallery, we would like to give you some thoughts on your way.

The piece of art - the wall painting - you choose shall give you pleasure, relaxation and relish for a long time. Therefore, as the subjects we can design are extremely manifold, your very personal wishes and ideas are of great importance. Intensive preliminary discussions in which - apart from the artistic aspects - we can also give you information on our materials, the necessary construction of the wall and the preservation of the wall paintings, have proven a great success and are also very useful when it comes to finding ideas.

Our gallery will show you a selection of wall paintings, illusionistic paintings and room furnishings. We would like to point out explicitly that also subjects which are not shown in the gallery or which are especially asked for by you can be implemented by us. There are no limits to the diversity of wall painting. And now we wish you a lot of pleasure and inspiration when you discover our gallery.

Susanna and Carsten Doberschütz