Susanna and Carsten Doberschütz were born in Berlin.
They completed their studies at the college of art with a diploma in stage and costume design and then worked at different German theatres for many years.

Their enthusiasm about large-scale colourings and wall painting in the classical sense has always been a steady companion on their way. Amongst others, they took Piero Della Francesca as a model, and also the great mexican artist Diego Rivera.

In 1995, they decided to concentrate exclusively on wall painting.

Their main focus then became the "Trompe-l'oeil" painting.

However, journeys to Venetia, Rome, Pompeii, Egypt, Central America, South America and Mexico also left their marks in their painting conceptions.

In the course of time it became evident that they had developed a particular interest in depicting the lively, manifold beauty of nature. Architecture, in its own beauty, is used in their paintings mainly as a means to offer the viewer a virtual crossing from room to nature. In this connection it is of the utmost importance to them that the actual, three-dimensional architectural conditions receive a logical continuation through the painted architecture.

They are especially devoted to the opening up of spaces by wall painting, and also to the possibilities to give a very personal atmosphere to a room through colouring and structuring with ornamental or real components. Depending on which particular colours and forms are chosen, or the way in which plastic, spatial elements are integrated or framed, one and the same motif can lead to very different effects in a room. Therefore it is necessary to integrate the wall painting at a very early stage.

Susanna and Carsten Doberschütz especially like to work at conceptions for entire rooms, which permit to create a finely balanced blend of room, light, acoustic, decoration and wall painting. Their field of work is worldwide. Places of business on Tenerife and Majorca facilitate an uncomplicated execution of orders in Spain.

Anyhow, work abroad is always a source of inspiration for Susanna and Carsten Doberschütz. Because they aim to let us feel the wind in their paintings.