Living area

Project 1
In a Majorcan villa, a wall painting in the salon creates a particularly cheerful atmosphere. The terra shade of the natural stones was picked up in...

Project 2
This wall painting of a finca was created on Majorca as well. The high rooms offer a vast scope for design - in this case a path leading into the far...

Project 3
A parrot lover had a part of his house decorated with an illusionistic painting for his feathered darlings. The painting shows the Amazon area....

Project 4
This room in the attic of a castle is supposed to convey the feeling of the inside of a bedouin tent. The trompe l'oeil-painting opens a view of the...

Project 5

Project 6

Project 7

Project 8

Project 9

Project 10

Project 11

Project 12

Project 13